Which graphic tablet fo you use?

I use Wacom Intuos4

i really like your recent oekaki stuff, and how it has kind of a painted pixel look to it. how do you get that effect without blending? o:

I pick very strong color and use lowered opacity (probably 50~80%) on a pencil when doing shadows/lightning over the flat colors. I paint many times over with that low opacity pencil in different places (also change the strenght of opacity and color for different kind of results) so it starts to look like having many shades in it.

I’m bad at explaining the things I do, especially when too lazy to provide pictures, so hopefully that was comprehensible enough answer.

I really enjoy your Mr Tentacle. Please draw more of him! I want to know more about him!

Aaa what a sweet person you are, you don’t know how extremely happy it makes me to hear people liking my ocs. His name is actually Deus but I think Mr Tentacle is pretty cute nickname for him too ahah. Yeah, I definitely wanna draw more of him and I will whenever I get time! Thanks again!

Just dumping more oekaki doodlings of my OCs.

Been drawing oekaki stuff lately

Slowly realizing that Dark Souls 2 will come out soon aaaa.

It’s been fun revamping and drawing again these two OCs of mine from this post.

Not sure why I did a hideous repeating pattern of a chubby joltik but what is done is done. Yes, you can use that frightening thing if you ever dare.

I searched through the WIP folder I had done during 2013 and these are some of the works I started but never finished the way I wanted. Dunno, I might continue working on some of these.

Dance floor queen

Dance floor queen